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What Is Direct Response Copywriting?

Direct response copywriting is all about generating direct sales of products and services, and greatly boosting existing sales. It is a rare skill and not an easy one to learn, but it is possible to ‘get it’ with the right guidance. See the video below for an introduction to how Copywriting Academy helps you get there, or keep reading. 

Products and Services

Direct Response Copywriting is a rare skill even today. If you’ll search for it in the usual places such as marketing institutes or agencies… you’ll almost certainly come away empty handed. This is an unusual skill that typically requires extraordinary tenacity and informal, rare circumstances to actually acquire it. 
So if you REALLY want to greatly increase the sales of your products via writing (writing you’d need to do anyway), here’s your opportunity gaping wide open – IF you’re quick on your feet! Because these programs are in high demand, simply because they work. 
Copywriting Academy exists to provide the most up-to-date, effective, practical knowledge and strategies on direct response copywriting AND its modern applications through conversion optimisation and much, MUCH more. 
All of our products and services are dedicated to one single goal: to help you get massively better results in your marketing. See below for some of what we offer, and see what applies to your situation right now.


Would you like to give your marketing or communications team a real shot in the arm, in the for of raw, actionable copywriting training… delivered on-site? 
Maybe you have a feeling your products should definitely sell more… or you struggle with your campaign copy on a regular basis? 
Go on, click through and read more about the Copywriting Academy training programs: 


The Academy offers a selection of information products, mostly about how to increase sales for online businesses. 
You CAN generate a massive increase in your business via self study, if you’re ready to implement what you these resources give you. 
Click through and see what’s currently offered. 


Copywriting Academy also offers hands-on copywriting services, with 15+ years of experience in dozens of industries combined into an unbeatable advantage – for YOU. Some of the services offered include:
  • Profitable one-off marketing campaigns
  • Product launch planning & implementation
  • Copywriting for high performance sales pages
  • Email marketing campaigns & serialized design
  • Landing page copy for high conversion requirements
Bespoke services available for select customers. Get in touch for more information. 


Let us know what kind of needs you have, and we’ll roll up our sleeves.


Discover the latest news, tips and insights, right here in our blog. 

Juho Tunkelo,
CEO, Copy Chief
Juho Tunkelo is a seasoned online marketing professional, and probably the most well-known Direct Response Copywriter in his native Finland, and possibly the Nordics. 
Juho is known around the world as a highly versatile copywriter who combines knowledge and experience from various industries with persuasive writing that gets the results. 
After spending his early years writing, marketing and productising in the world of technology, he found his calling after starting his first international e-commerce operation, and soon found people beating a path to his door, asking him to replicate what he was doing for them. 
Today, he’s known to routinely generate profitable campaigns whether it’s about product launches, e-commerce sales, email marketing, video or traditional sales letters. 
He started Copywriting Academy to start contributing more and more of his knowledge and experience, so more marketers and business owners will benefit from direct response sales. 


If you have any questions about our products, services or how we can help with your own projects, do get in touch right away. We also offer a free consultation call, no commitment required. 

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